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Our History



  •    EAST COAST PYRATZ APPAREL has a unique and colorful history that dates all the way back to 2002 in Poughkeepsie New York. Back then the East Coast Pyratz (or ECP) was more or less an “anti gang” created by a hand full of friends who shared a common interest in partying, drinking rum and a love for piracy! The two co-founders, brothers-Tom and Joe Best found ECP was catching on quicker then imagined mostly in part to Tom’s (aka The Fallen Son’s) dabbling with music. Flash forward a few years and TFS fans were becoming known as Pyratz, but it didn’t stop there. TFS and his brother decided to take ECP to next level by starting EAST COAST PYRAT APPAREL- a line of clothing and products for those seeking something different from the usual garbage the mass media shoves down our throats. As TFS grew further away from music, shirt sales continued to grow. A niche had been found!

  •       Thus, nine years later, EAST COAST PYRAT APPAREL still exists and has grown stronger then ever boasting a hand full of new designs every few months for the chosen few unique enough to rep ECP under the black flag. Things are just getting started, keep your eyes on us as we continue to grow as a major source for a distinct fresh take on clothing and apparel.